Our Services

Intervention Services (All Ages)
Our intervention services begin with a free intake meeting where we learn about your goals and wishes for the future. From there, we combine your goals and assessments to create an individualized, goal directed program. Intervention services include data tracking, progress reports, and continuous family meetings to ensure our programs are meeting your goals.

Intervention services are available in the center, in the community, or within the comfort of your own home. These services run all year and are offered at flexible times throughout the day to best match your family’s needs.

Support Services (All Ages)
Footholds Therapy also offers a variety of support services to families. These include the following:

*All of our Consultants are on the Registry of Service Providers List (RASP)

Social Groups (age 5+)
Social groups are a great way to teach and learn various aspects of social thinking, coping with anxiety, impulse control, and life skills. Footholds Therapy offers several such programs at various times throughout the year.