Footholds Summer 2015 Programs

Footholds  Therapy  Center  is  happy  to  announce  a  wide  variety  of  four  week  group  programs.  Our  programs  are  structured  to  offer programming  geared  towards  children,  tweens  and  teens  with  special  needs  (Autism,  FASD  etc)  and  other  emotional  and  psychological challenges  (Anxiety/Depression).
 Footholds  group  programs  focuses  on  empowering  children  and  youth  by  building  social  skills  and  self-esteem  all  while  having  lots  of  fun.

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Camp Footholds 2015

Footholds Therapy Center is happy to offer a wide variety of summer programs for all ages. Footholds camps are structured around programming and geared towards children with special needs (Autism, FASD, etc) and other emotional and psychological challenges (Anxiety/ Depression).
Our camps focus on empowering children and youth by building social skills and self-esteem all while meeting new friends and having fun!

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