About Us

Established in 2010, Footholds Therapy Center is the result of 20 years of experience with special needs education, behavioural intervention, and family services. It was during these years of work across Vancouver Island that a growing need for high quality, empathetic, and individualized special needs services was recognized.

Our team members hold a wide range of degrees and diplomas including Social Services, Bachelors of Education, Special Education, Psychology, and Child and Youth Care. Their ability to support, communicate, and connect with families and children has created a safe, productive, and progressive environment at the center. Staff members also ensure constant communication with parents and are more than happy to assist with any questions or concerns parents may have.

Please call or email the center to learn more about our services and to see if one of our programs is the fit for you and your family. Initial intake meetings are always free of charge and are a great way to introduce yourself and your child to our center and services.